IBS Calendar Version 3.5

This version fixes numerous bugs and completes the short code generation feature enhancement adding a test calendar to review the shortcode in action. The admin calendar tab has been eliminated. Use the Shortcode tab to see calendar. Testing found numerous issues with the handling of the “height” option. Several other “bugs” were uncovered and fixed.


IBS Mappro Version 2.8

This release adds a “cuesheet” menu item to generate a cuesheet  from the waypoint data on the route. This only works if the route has waypoints and they have navigation directions. Using the “direction” action the Google Maps directions are set in new waypoint markers. This allows cue sheets to be generated without running the :directions” process again.

Using Adventure cycling routes with waypoints the distance between waypoints is calculated on the fly and because the ACA waypoints are so sparse the resultant distances are “as the crow flies” and the distances are highly suspect. But the waypoints are listed in order of travel. Use “reverse” action to change travel directions. An enhancement would be to list the coordinates as well as the calculated distance.

IBS Mappro Version 2.4

The CK editor was a huge piece of code and it was causing extremely long installation and upgrade times. Version 2.4 uses a custom build of the Ck editor that is roughly 50% in size of the 2.0 version.

IBS Mappro Version 2.3

This version adds;

  1. Icon library manager for creating and managing icons folders.
  2. image library, image browser for ckeditor. Provides the ability to insert images into marker descriptions.
  3. Updates tracking with a  tracking manager. Improved tracking shortcode handling. Tracking shortcodes are culled from content after updating the tracking information.
  4. debug setting on and off. controls use of minimized JavaScript..

Version 2.3 is the last major development release for the near future.