IBS Mappro Version 2.8

This release adds a “cuesheet” menu item to generate a cuesheet  from the waypoint data on the route. This only works if the route has waypoints and they have navigation directions. Using the “direction” action the Google Maps directions are … Continue reading

IBS Mappro Version 2.4

The CK editor was a huge piece of code and it was causing extremely long installation and upgrade times. Version 2.4 uses a custom build of the Ck editor that is roughly 50% in size of the 2.0 version.

IBS Mappro Version 2.3

This version adds; Icon library manager for creating and managing icons folders. image library, image browser for ckeditor. Provides the ability to insert images into marker descriptions. Updates tracking with a  tracking manager. Improved tracking shortcode handling. Tracking shortcodes are … Continue reading