As the tagline says,  this website about using WordPress for journaling while touring. WordPress and its associated plugins and themes, free and commercial, offer a plethora of resources to construct a class journaling website.

The goal of this website is to bring together those resources for structuring a personal website for the traveling journalist. There are desirable functionality for a WordPress journaling website that are not readily available or free to the WordPress community.

  • An email reader that can create posts that included images, inline, embedded and as attachments.
  • An email reader to process short-codes specifically supporting map tracking functions.
  • A map editor to create and maintain maps for planning and supporting the travel journal.
  • The  ability to track, on a map, current locations through email postings.
  • A theme that is flexible and has good mobile support.
  • A calendar for itinerary planning and event scheduling.

Presently IBS Calendar, IBS Events and  IBS Mappro WordPress plugins have beta releases available for download on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed regarding building a WordPress Travel Journal website.

This is not a commercial website and neither products or services are offered.  All plugins are released under the GPLv2 license.

There are no warranties implied or otherwise conveyed as to the usefulness of anything on this website and use of anything is at users own risk.