About me

Began my programming career in the early 1960 era as one of the first IBM Field Engineers to do software support for the 1410 computer system. Subsequently went on to become a software developer for the Field Engineering division’s Remote Analysis System.

Left IBM to help build a medical computing company, CyCare, as architect, developer and VP of R&D. Cycare eventually reached 100 million in revenues and became part of McKesson.

Upon leaving Cycare started  a development consulting company for medical scheduling, reporting and collection management systems.

As an experienced Delphi programmer left retirement to work as a developer and supporter of the Saleslogix product for almost ten more years before again retiring.

As a personal goal and hobby this last six years developed, from scratch, my own content management system, albeit, a bit amateurish. Nonetheless learned to use PHP, HTML. CSS. and javascript. Then the next step was to re-develop using the CodeIgniter framework. All in all this was great experience but largely un-meaningful.

Subsequently to date have worked to move some of the application functionality to the WordPress content management system by developing and publishing plugins. Google Maps editor and a Calendar facility.

An adequate PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL developer that can implement and maintain a WordPress site readily.

WAMP, Netbeans, Chrome, FireFTP, Notepad++ are the primary tools used.


1401, 1410, 360 machine language

Autocoder, assembly 1410, 360, Level 6, Z80, 8086

RPG, COBOL, BASIC, C, PL/1, BL/1, C++, C#, Pascal, Delphi, PHP, JavaScript