IBS Calendar

This plugin is an implementation of the jQuery Full Calendar V2 project  by Adam Shaw.

The functionality added by this plugin is to provide the option to add Google public calendar feeds and adaptability to WordPress.

Two companion WordPress plugins have been released.

IBS Events

IBS Events plugin adds a custom post-type of “ibs_event” so a post can become an event that will optionally display on the IBS Calendar and the IBS Calendar widget.


IB GCAL Events plugin adds a shortcode and widget to display a Google Calendar events.

This plugin serves a general need to display Google Calendars in WordPress.

Google now requires an API Key to access the Calendar feeds. IBS Calendar has an API key that is shared by all users of the plugin and provides the facility to use your own API key should the use of IBS Calendar exceeds the daily 500,000 request limit and impedes the use of the plugin.

At present the plugin is in Beta and testing and reporting of problems is appreciated. Please use the WordPress Plugin Support to report problems.

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