FullCalendar options

These settings are named to directly correspond to the Full Calendar options.

The Full Calendar is extremely robust and has many options and only a select few are set with this plugin. Some of the options are complex or require tedious entry. On those a “help” link is attached to bring up panels to help set that option. On the “header” options the checkboxes may be dragged to reorder the header buttons.

  • aspectRatio this is a ratio for calculating the calendar height.
  • daysNameShort lets you set the short names for the days of the week.
  • defaultView the initial Full Calendar view
  • editable checked means the events can be moved and resized. However Google feed events are not modified in any event.
  • eventLimit determines how event overflow is handled.This is another complex option whose value may be “yes”, “no”, or an integer.
  • eventLimitClick determines how event overflow will be displayed.
  • firstDay the first day of the week
  • fixedWeekCount the calendar view will always show the same number of weeks
  • headerCenter
  • headerLeft header options determines the content and display of the calendar header buttons. The help link displays a dropdown list of valid entries that may be selected and sorted by dragging to set the options and their order.
  • headerRight
  • height is a complex option whose value may be “null”, “auto” or an integer that set the height of the calendar.
  • hiddenDays defines those days to be hidden from view.
  • lang(uage) defines the language FullCalendar is to use.
  • theme ui if checked Full Calendar will use jQuery ui themes.
  • timeFormat Use the help link for brief description of the formatting.
  • timeZone
  • titleFormat Use the help link for brief description of the formatting.
  • weekends if checked weekends are displayed.
  • weekNumbers displays the number of the week for the year.