General settings

  • debug determines the use of minimized javascript. This can be helpful if modifying or adding on to the plugin.
  • ui theme the jQuery ui theme to load. The list is constrained to those themes in the plugin css folder.
  • calendar width the default calendar width.
  • IBS Events displays IBS Events .
  • Show Legend displays a calendar feed legend, the color for a feed followed by it’s name, across the bottom of the calendar view. ( 3.0)
  • event list none, display, hide. Display shows event list on opening. Hide hides the event list and it is opened setting the checkbox.
  • List max events sets the maximum number of events to list.
  • List past events allows past events to be listed. ( “*” precedes title for past events)
  • List repeat events if set IBS Events that repeat will be listed.
  • Rounded, Shadow, Style all relate to the QTip styling for events.
  • Qtip content settings. These settings control what and how the Qtip event data is displayed. This requires valid HTML. To suppress display remove the “%name%” placeholder. Add HTML styling. Order is the display order of the data.