IBS GCal Events provides a shortcode [ibs-gcal-events] to list Google Calendar Events from a single Google Calendar. The plugin provides a widget to list events in the sidebar with Qtip information.

There are these options whose default setting are made in WordPress Admin options settings but can be overridden in the shortcode.

  • calendar  the Google Calendar ID. Generally a GMail address.
  • No Link   suppresses the link back to the event source;
  • No Description suppresses display of the event description.
  • Alt Link  overrides the event link target. The event id is appended to this link;
  • apiKey     Optionally a Google Calendar API key 
  • width       Any valid CSS value for the width of the list.
  • height    “null”, “auto” or an integer for the number of pixels in height.
  • Overflow-X  how the horizontal overflow of data is to be handled. “auto”, “scroll” or “hidden”
  • Overflow-Y  how the vertical overflow of data is to be handled. “auto”, “scroll” or “hidden”
  • align       “alignleft” “aligncenter” “alignright” or other CSS  class-name.
  • dateFormat  the moment.js formatting string for date
  • timeFormat  the moment.js formatting string for time
  • max  the number of events to show.
  • descending display latest to oldest.
  • start  the date ( “yyyy-mm-dd” ex: “2014-01-01“)  to start or “now” for today.
  • Qtip set up content display.