IBS Mappro

IBS Mappro Version 2.0

This is a re-engineered and redesign of the plugin to address major security issues and to streamline the user experience. This has been a major effort and is still regarded as a beta product. (see TWACA a sister website providing a public utility)

One change was moving the map and icon libraries to a new sub directory “wp-content/uploads/ibs-files/mappro/”. However the old data was not migrated to the new folder structure and that remains a user responsibility.

The  plugin generates the HTML using jQuery JavaScript for handling multiple instances. The main characteristic of this is the use of class-naming and scope limiting techniques instead of generating unique id’s. Only two id are used, one as the main anchor for the instance and the other for an associated display panel.

A problem existed in the previous version where some code getting ahead of the map initialization completion. Restructureing the code and  event handling to step through instantiating the instances has largly resolved the issue. An ancillary issue rises when there are multiple map instances on a web page. That issue was resolved solved by daisy chaining the initialization of the map instances.

Effort has been made to eliminate conflicts for coding and styles naming with WordPress other plugins.

Some jQuery plugins have been modified to meet specific needs. In those instances the code has been moved into to the plugin’s file naming.