CK editor custom build notes.

In modifying CK editor to implement the image browser the full set of components in with their fully exposed exposed code was used. It was characterized as “big and slow.”  It was huge and it was slow to install from WordPress. Fortunately CK editor has a builder where you can custom build an implementation of the editor.

1. Custom Build. The basis for the custom build was the “standard” configuration from which the “filebrowser” was manually excluded. This  was the module that had been modified to implement a modal dialog image browser.

2. The modified “filebrowser” was then copied from the “full” build to the custom build’s plugin folder.

3. Testing showed that a number of dependent modules were also missing. Using Chrome’s development tool the missing modules were identified and were copied from from the “full” build to the custom build.

4. Lastly it was necessary to look at the code to see what the final dependencies were. That was a plugin which also required a  change to the configuration “added plugins” string  for run time.

5. The last issue was some functions were showing as blank buttons on the tool bar. The CK editor custom build also modifies the visual skins. This was solved by copying the “full” build’s skin folder over the the custom build skin folder.