IBS Mappro Management & Options

Version 2.0 of IBS Mappro broke away from the involvement of the WordPress option setting system primarily to allow the base code to be used in the standalone implementation TWACA.net

With Version 2.3 there are now only two option setting, version number an debug on/off. The debug switch controls if minimized JavaScript is used. Non minimized is necessary to debug most issues in IBS Mappro since most of its code is JavaScript.

The remainder of management is around the mappro “libraries” for maps, icons and images which reside¬†in “wp/wp-content/uploads/ibs-files.” The placement is so that upgrades do not destroy user data. Why specifically the “uploads” folder is to avoid installation permission issues.

The main tasks is are to mass upload data, especially icons, and to remove unused files that accumulate over time. Here the issue is mainly the map library.

The management functions are included as a menu item only when in the WordPress admin however when using WordPress.

The “debug” checkbox¬†is synced with WordPress options via ajax.

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