Icons! You can never find the exact icon you need.

Version 2.3 adds an icon library manager that allows the creation of custom folder (target) set form sibling icon folders (source);

  1. Create a new icon folder from the existing icon library.
  2. Copy icon files from several folders into a target folder adding new icons to the target.
  3. Replace icons in the target with icons form other folders retaining the original name.
  4. Rename an icon while retaining the image.
  5. Delete icons from the target folder.
  6. Upload an icon from the desktop.

See Icon Manager

Instead of trying to define an icon palette to meet everyone’s needs Version 2.0 takes a different approach.  While the plugin does come with an arbitrary icon library set it will please no one. It is expected that every user will want their own icon set and the plugin offers a way to accommodate that.

When editing a marker and changing the icon you select an icon from an icon library. The icon library is selected from the dropdown list of available icon libraries.

The plugin in the WordPress admin offers an “manage” menu which has two icon related links. “icon – ” provides a way to remove unwanted icons. “icon + ” provides a way to upload icons and icon libraries. With these two links the icon libraries can be managed.


There are a number of icon sources on the internet that you can download to your desktop, cull and merge into a custom icon library which can then be uploaded to your site. Once uploaded they are available for use with the plugin.

A cautionary note when using .kml file storage for your maps the icon url’s point back to their home library. If they are not home nothing will display. .gpx file storage does not have this issue as long as the icon names or symbol name remain consistent with the Garmin icons.

Which brings up how ugly the gpx icons can be. One is tempted to change the icons but the right solution is to change the icon image but retain the Gamin symbol name.