Icon Manager

The Icon manager is two panel view where one panel is the “target icon folder” and the other is the “source icon folder.”

The target is the icon folder whose content is being created or modified. The source is the icon folder which supplies icon files to add to or modify the target icon folder.

Click or drag a source source icon on to the target “add icon” box to add that source icon to the target icon folder. Change the source icon folder at any time using the source library dropdown box.

  • Drag a source icon on to an existing target icon to replace that target icon image with the source icon image but retaining the target icon name.
  • Press the “X” to remove the target icon from the target icon folder.
  • Edit the target icon’s name to rename the target icon file name.
  • Press the “Upload” button to upload an image to create a new target icon file.
  • Press the “Update” button to effect the changes on the server. If “new folder” is the selected target icon folder the user will be prompted for an icon folder name.