Post and Page Insert Media

The plugin adds a media insert button to post and pages that inserts a [ibs-mappro] short code.


The plugin outputs map views with a selective set of features;

  1. mode – post/page is a non editable map view, admin outputs a map with all editing capabilities except the “manage” menu. This mode should be used only on secure pages where you can control access.
  2. list – displays a list panel for listing route, poi markers, and waypoints. The panel can be moved to the right or back to the left of the map view manually.
  3. controls – switches for displaying items on the map. distance flag showing the route distance from the start of the route to the current position of the cursor when over the route line, show markers, show waypoints, set the bicycle, traffic or transit map layers.
  4. search – adds a search box to the map.
  5. elevation – adds a panel to display route elevation profiles.
  6. mrkr-mgr – uses the marker manager to cluster markers.

There is only a practical limit to the number of map views in a post or page. Maps tend to resource intensive.