Often on tour you have limited access to the internet and even 3G or 4G service. The lowest level of service is generally texting and texting to email could keep your maps updated using the IBS Mappro tracking feature.

Using a shortcode [ibs-track id=”some marker name” where=”city,state” msg=”short message”] will cause the named marker to be positioned at  the “where” location. This lets  a post or an email post move the marker and update the marker’s message without opening the map editor.

Note: The WordPress shortcode handler needs “plain text” not “html.” There is a setting in Postie message setup.

With Version 2.3 the tracking marker must be first setup in the tracking manager before short codes will be accepted.

Also with 2.3 tracking shortcodes are culled from the content after they have been processed. This occurs when a post or page is saved. This avoids older posts when viewed over writing the latest update.

The tracking manager can also update tracking information as will as adding marker to be tracked and removing markers from the tracking feature.

The map must be closed and reopened to make the changes effective when manually posting tracking data.

The pushpins in the map below are all being tracked.