IBS Calendar V3.1 Released

Options have been added to control the content of the Qtip bubble. There are five options;

  • Title which has the default of "<p>%title%</p>"
  • Location which has the default of "<p>%location%</p>"
  • Description which has the default of "<p>%description%</p>"
  • Time which has the default of "<p>%time%</p>"
  • Order which has the default of "%title% %location% %description% %time%". Change the order in this list to change the display order.

To remove content simply turn it into an HTML  comment like “<!– description –>

The creative may exercise their imagination and use HTML and CSS to style the Qtip content.


Coming soon: TWACA

TWACA is a new website being launched soon! It will be a very simple website which has a single purpose; view and edit Adventure Cycling Association’ (ACA) GPS data files for their published routes.

TWACA is designed to be a resource tool for the bicycle tourist using Adventure Cycling Associations routes and maps.

So what does TWACA offer beside a robust map editor;

  • cue sheet generation and printing that span map panels and map sections.
  • merge two or more ACA routes into one map.
  • reverse direction of the ACA routes.
  • lists for markers, waypoints and map segments.
  • add pictures, links, and robust information to the resource data.
  • find additional resources.

If you are a ACA member you have access to the GPS data including resources. If you are not an ACA member you currently have access only to the route data. To avoid any ACA policy issues TWACA does not provide access to any of the ACA GPS data. To use TWACA the ACA GPS data files must be downloaded to the users computer and unzipped. They then can be uploaded to TWACA for viewing and editing with the changes saved by downloading back to the user’s computer. TWACA serves up and saves nothing on it’s server and there is no mechanism to share anything using TWACA.

While this may present a concern, creative minds using cloud storage can make this an advantage.


Version 3.0

With version 3.0 two options have been added to the plugin.

First an option for setting the language to be used by the Full Calendar has been added. See fullcalendar.io documentation for “lang.”

Second an option to display a feed legend below the calendar view has been added. Each feed’ color and name are displayed across the bottom.

IBS Calendar Version 2.1 Released

This release fixes several issues around the eventLimit option. The values conversions from option storage to instantiating Full Calendar was incorrect.

Requested that the dayClick event not switch the calendar view. This has been disabled but remains for future optioning.

Requested that the eventClick handling open in a new window. This was accommodated by overriding the default of Full Calendar to open in the same window. This is another possible future optioning.

Requested that the tooltips allow clicking a link in the description area. This was an qTip2 option that was implemented.

It was discovered that the firstDay option was not working correctly.

IBS Mappro News

IBS Mappro does not have a significant user base so updates are far between each other.

The Latest (0.6) has fixed some small issues but some enhancements were included.

  • Map tools | Browse server now provides for selecting multiple files to load.
  • Shortcode generation allows multiple files to be loaded from the same folder.
  • Viewer mode always has Show placemarks set on by default.

The multiple file selection gets around system limitations on the the size of uploads.

Plugins IBS Calendar, Events, GCAL have new releases.

The plugins have been reworked to use the same base code and UI for a cohesive package of calendar related functionality.

IBS Calendar, using Full Calendar and Moment.js, displays any number of Google Calendar feeds on any number of calendars in of a WordPress post or page. In addition the plugin implements a standard sidebar widget. The plugin also supports displaying IBS Events.

IBS Events implements a custom post-type that schedules an event or series of events that will display on an IBS Calendar or IBS Calendar widget. In addition the plugin also implements a shortcode for listing IBS Events on a page or post and widget for displaying events in a sidebar.

IBS GCAL Events is a plugin that implements a shortcode for listing a Google Calendar events on a page or post and widget for displaying events in a sidebar.

Each of the plugins have a standalone capability.

IBS Calendar Version 0.4 with IBS Events support released.

Version 0.4 of IBS Calendar adds availability of more Full Calendar options and support of IBS Events.

The calendar feeds has been changed so that only the background color maybe set in a manner similar to that used by Google Calendar. This also makes the process the same as that used in IBS Events to set the event color.

hideTitle is a shortcode that has been added to make the display of events on the calendar appear as a solid bar. This seems necessary because only a very small portion of the title shows on most calendar views in WordPress.

IBS Mappro 0.2 released

The major change was moving the maps and icons folders from the plugin folder to the uploads folder to prevent upgrades to preserve maps and icons changes.

Minor changes include adding an align option to the shortcode.