Dropping IBS Mailbox Plugin

I took a good look at the Postie plugin and it has everything needed to support this website’s goals. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel IBS Mailbox is being dropped the Postie plugin will be used. The only caveat is that the hosting site must provide IMAP PHP extensions. That was not always the case for Godaddy hosting. While Gmail provides both POP3 and IMAP and both require ssl the preference is to use IMAP.

For map tracking it was a simple matter to add a filterPostie.php file to do that processing.

Update map locations

I started in Tucson and stopped in Globe.

Joe is in Florence
Jim is in San Manuel .
Bob has raced on to Show Low.



This posting was made by IBS Mailbox reading an email with the picture as an attachment. IBS Mailbox also updated the locations on the map.